Monday, August 19, 2013

Happy 36th Anniversary

Usually Dick and I have a quiet anniversary on August 6. We normally are hosting out of town guests or in Utah or whtever, but this year we decided to do something we've never done before and we went to Seattle for five days!
It was so much fun!
So here is a quicky recap of our trip.

The sights: 
We walked all over the place, usually clocking anywhere from 5-7+ miles per day and it was great! The weather was beautiful every day! Monday was sightseeing, the market, and shopping. Tuesday's big event was a Mariners game.. Too bad they played like crap that day and Toronto wiped up the field with them. But the next day was better!
The food:
Dick started out each day with his usual workout at the hotel gym followed by the walk downtown to get his customary half dozen oysters! There were so many wonderful places to eat it was sinful. My highlight was lunch at Le Pichet, a quaint little hole in the wall French cafe. It was so sweet. 
The market, where you can find anything you want!
 The Pike Place Market is a world of it's own. My only purchases were a handmade bead bracelet, some mini doughnuts, loose herb tea, some spices, and this wonderful herbal medicinal ointment that is nothing short of miraculous for little aches and pains. Next time I will take a suitcase but this was the exploratory trip. 
The Dale Chihuly Glass Museum deserves a blog all it's own but with seminary starting next week this is all I can muster. It was beautiful. I wish I could've stayed longer but it was baseball day! Google it! There is also a beautiful gift shop there and an amazingly great little cafe where Dick and I had a little afternoon snack twice! The menu was very exciting. It's located right by the Space Needle at Seattle Center.
Other highlights were:
the waterfront
Pioneer Square, the oldest part of the city
lunch at Etta's
cookies from Dahlia bakery
dinner at Daily Grill
curry at the English Pub
meeting with friends from Texas
shopping, shopping, shopping!
wonderful weather and
spending five sweet days with my sweetheart!

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deerhollow said...

So glad you had 5 glorious days...just the two of you!!
This makes me homesick for this wonderful city.