Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sweet Baby Thomas

On Sunday, December 29th, we all gathered at Stephanie and Cortney's to attend Thomas's baby blessing in North Logan. It was really cold and a beautiful day. 

 Cortney holding the precious boy!
 Everyone wants a turn to hold the baby but notice how he smiles so much wider when Grandma holds him! We became fast friends and roomies during his early days.  
Holding him makes the world seem like a better place. 
Stephanie knitted the beautiful sweater he's wearing. It's a tradition that I love.
 Our sweet little Logan boys!

 What a beautiful family ~ so glad they are mine!

Loving being with Auntie Meg!
What a beautiful way to start a wonderful new year!
Babies bring so much love and  happiness to  a family. 

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