Sunday, October 5, 2008

Conference Traditions

Without really meaning to I've discovered that I have some Conference Traditions. The main thing is to get out of bed, turn on the TV, grab pen and journal, pay attention and take good notes. I know it's all going to be online, in the Ensign, etc. but taking notes helps me to focus. These are two of my most favorite weekends of the whole year. I love hearing the prophets and leaders of the church give us timely counsel for our day. But in addition, I have found that there are some other things I look forward to during the weekend. One is quilting. A few years ago I purchased some old unquilted quilt tops and decided to use these weekends as an opportunity to finish one of them. I've also finished up a few for family members. Below are the results. I even have one ready for April 2009. My first top - baby size. Purchased in University Mall while shopping with my friend Randi.
Savvy's for her first big girl bed.

And old top for Uncle Mike's bed.
And this weekend - an old lap size top. There are some other traditions we have but that is another post. I hope your conference weekend is great. And if you are not able to share it with others, at least make the best of it for yourself.


Jenny said...

Dibs on the bottom quilt! Christmas is coming up and it would be the perfect gift, don't you think?

deerhollow said...

You're a busy girl! I love conference weekend, too!! Wish they were 4 times a year! You're quilts are beautiful!!