Monday, October 20, 2008

Who Says Bears Can't Climb Trees

This guy was seriously wanting up the tree outside Dick's AVTEC Seward office today. It's the big bear hot spot! I guess the view is better from up there or he wanted a hand out from Dick's lunch! Anyway, what a big guy. I guess he's not sleepy yet either.
This little fellow was more subtle and tried to just walk in the front door, but no luck!
And this was the cute baby from last year who just found himself up the tree and cried all day for his momma. He eventually figured it out and found his way out of the tree and off down the street.
What a cutie!


Jenny said...

In in Seward. The kids freaked out and couldn't believe there was a bear outside Grandpa's office.

deerhollow said...

Great photos! We miss the WILDlife in AK...we miss you too! We sure have some great family memories - we think of you al so fondly, especially at the holidays!