Sunday, October 5, 2008

Here's the Scoop

Dick and I have decided that if we are going to spend the next 8 years in Alaska then we would like to be a little more adventureous. Our goal was to be able to spend more of our time in Seward during we summer. So after thinking and looking for a while the idea evolved into starting a Bed and Breakfast. But the house we finally made an offer on was a bit more than we had originally planned on so we are going to put our house up for sale and see what happens. Our contract on this house is contingent on the sale of our house in Eagle River. So we aren't packing yet, but we hope too. We've checked the market and everyone tells us there is enough business for everyone. So we will see if it's our destiny to have a business in Seward. Here are a few shots of the new place. From the beach.
The kitchen from the front of the house.
The back. I am visualizing a garden, green house and some fruit trees. And lots of flowers.
The downstairs and upper hallway from the living room.
The kitchen, the most important room in the house. We will keep you updated!

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deerhollow said...

Wowsers! You two are ambitious!! The home looks absolutely gorgeous!! Can we book a week with you??