Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cabin Quilting is the Best

I was indeed fortunate to take a couple of days to sneak down to a friends cabin and spend some time sewing. But because I forgot to click the photos in the right order, let's have a look at what we ate! For dinner, a friend made a tasty chicken tikka masala with couscous and sweet toppings.
Another friend brought ripe peaches so I threw together an impromptu peach cobbler with ingredients I found in the pantry. A quick trip to the nearly convenience store provided some ice cream to go with it.For breakfast the next morning we were treated to zucchini omelets filled with zucchini, bacon, cream cheese and onions. Really yummy!
This was what the days produced, a Kaffe Fassett Twinkle quilt (I can't wait to make mine!), two baby quilts, sample Christmas fabric gift bags, ruffle capri's, and a lovely Alaskcan fabric quilt whose pattern I forgot. Sorry about that.

Madeline's quilt.
Baby boy Western's.

Close up -

Ruffle capri's.

Copycat designer bibs.

The original $18 bib.

Finished products are so wonderful!


Nemesis said...

Holy cow, you talented thing! Those all look wonderful.

coolmom said...

Your sweetness will be rewarded!

deerhollow said...

So MUCH fun! I would have been a very happy girl to join you on that retreat! Such great projects....and finished!!
Yummy food too :)