Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Today was so "Fall".
I was stopped at the light near my office and the wind was blowing and the leaves were swirling and it felt just like two of my favorite fall-ish movie scenes - the one from "To Kill A Mockingbird" where the kids are running through the woods and Scout is wearing the ham, and the Halloween scene from "Meet Me in St. Louis" where it's all windy and spooky.
So, even though summer never really came, I am embracing fall. It is, after all, my favorite season. The hanging baskets are still in bloom, there are two weeks left of farmers markets, the grass is still green, there are leaves on the trees, although they are changing fast, but the signs are all there.
Hello hot chocolate, hot soup, hot bread, warm clothes, raking leaves, and the occasional (hopefully) last warm rays of sunshine before the chill sets in. We will enjoy you because you allow us a few more needed weeks to adjust to the inevitable. And thankfully, no termination dust in sight.

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