Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Newly Remodeled Laie Hawaii Temple

During our Thanksgiving getaway to Hawaii we were able to attend a session in the Laie temple. The remodel had just been completed and the dedication was the Sunday we were there. We always seem to plan our trips when there is no church and special meetings instead. We were lucky to get in after a two year closure. The color scheme and patterns and designs were just lovely - I'd love to decorate my home with all the fabrics and wallpapers and carpet designs. We made it to the last session before the Thanksgiving break as well so we were double blessed. The Laie temple was originally built and dedicated in 1911 or 1919 or something like that so it's very old.We were excited to eat in the cafeteria but it had closed for the day so a sweet sister recommended the Hukilau Cafe just down the street in the neighborhood. We usually succumb to only one lunch plate per trip because our arteries can't handle more than that. This one was really yummy! Deep fried shrimp and teriyaki beef and Cooldad had some kind of pork dish.
The cafe. It probably gets its name from the nearby beach with the same name, and the song.
The view from our room. We've never been this high up before and the view was lovely on three sides. Perfect weather every day. What a beautiful world we get to live in! Someone put a lot of time and thought into it! And I appreciate it very much!

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