Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Once Upon A Time in Alaska

Once upon a time, in Alaska, there were two grandparents who wanted to spend special time with their grandchildren, Ethan and Savannah. So the grandparents convinced the parents to send the grandchildren to Alaska on a plane all by themselves. The children were wonderful and loved the plane ride and arrived in Alaska safe and sound. Only problem was, when grandma tried to blog the event, the photos wouldn't post in the order she requested. So now the grandma's blog post appears to have some sort of disassociation with reality and order of events syndrome. But no matter, all the wonderful adventures will eventually come to light.
When the children arrived at the airport, they were a little hungry and they wanted to get a burger and some fries. Due to construction, the closest burger establishment was in Mountain View, a quaint little village near the edge of town known for it's cultural diversity.

Ethan and Savannah brought a few things with them that they would need for the journey to Alaska.
They were very loving and adorable at the airport and lots of people looked at them and marveled that they were so young and traveled so well.
The mother had taken a photo of them in the Utah airport so she could remember their sweet faces and what they were wearing.
The burgers and fries were a bit small, so they children needed some ice cream to fill in the gaps in their little tummies. Alaska is a wonderful place!
More adventures to follow.


Jenny said...

You took them to the MOUNTAIN VIEW MCDONALDS??

CoolBoy said...

Mountain View, huh? I imagine Dad was packing heat, so they were probably fine.

Also, Ethan looks like Draco Malfoy in the 3rd picture. Poor guy,

Cooldad said...

You know it Coolboy.