Friday, August 12, 2011

Sewing 101

Last summer Savannah poured over the fabric and played with the colors and watching her stack them into piles and rearrange them was so interesting. She has a very good eye for color and design. This summer we decided to make some quilts for her dolls.
She selected 12 different fabrics, we cut them into strips and then into squares and pressed them.
Savannah proceeded to sew the squares together in sets of two, then four, then rows. After more pressing and layering with the batting and then backing, she quilted them on the machine. One is a diamond pattern and the other was quilted in a squares pattern. They both turned out beautiful.
I helped with the binding and she did some of the hand stitching on the back. They were so pretty that now I want to make a big one for me! Savannah's dolls are very lucky!

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