Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Independance Day!

We hope everyone had a nice Fourth of July celebration! It seems we are either being burned up (literally) or drowning this year. We are the later. Three days of rain. But the weather did clear up just enough for the Mt. Marathon race but it was still very wet and foggy and mostly the mountain was obscured from view. We watched the fireworks at midnight Tuesday during the pouring rain from my living room window.
 Valli makes the best chocolate dipped strawberries! Very patriotic!
Dick and I saw this as an opportunity of drag out our trek hats one more time as an excuse to keep the rain off.
 A view of the mountian during one of the reaces. It was crowded but not as much as usual.
 The Kenai Harrells!
 Beautiful baby Lydia! Almost five months old and adorable.
And the third runner up in the Girls 2 year old race! Go Madeline! She's going to take first next year!!
Notwithstanding the terrible weather, it was a fun holiday.

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