Friday, July 6, 2012

One Sunny Day!

I needed some reminder of sunshine and I found this folder of pictures from my last trip to Utah in April. It was a wonderful trip - we did lots of fun things but some of our most fun time was spent exploring the new City Creek Mall. A very nice place to spend some free time. My second favorite place is BYU where I was introduced to the Secret Garden, which I never new existed. I love the thrill of exploring new places and revisiting beloved old ones!

Special thanks to my friend Leisa for the photo tips!

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deerhollow said...

How fun to catch up with your crazy life! You have been sooo busy! I always get so homesick for for Alaska when I reed you blog and see photos. Sigh. It must feel very different being in a tiny apt - but I would love the simplicity of that life! Looking forward to seeing you soon!