Friday, July 6, 2012

Home Sweet Home

On Saturday June 23rd, 2012, Dick and I officially moved back to Seward, Alaska, where we lived from 1998 until 2003 when we moved back to Eagle River with Michael so he could be closer to civilization and various other activities.
This is our current abode, probably until Dick retires in 2017 or until we say heck with it and just leave. It's an open ended ticket. This is called AVTEC Family Housing. Think Wyview. We live in the top left apt. Right now school is closed so we are the only tenants. That will change in August when the families arrive. It will be interesting to say the least.
We had to put a sign on the door because all the tourists get our place confused with the Moby Dick hostel next door and they wander into our apt and want to hang out for a night or so. We barely have room for ourselves much less people who haven't bathed in a awhile.

 It's just not home without a few flowers.
 Dave and Valli and babies showed up to help move in.  Thank you Dave and Valli!
I tried to find a nice view of the mountains or something, but that would be a shot from the back yard which we can live without.
We have down sized from 2700 feet and a three car garage to less than 700 feet. Dick and I placed bets as to the size of our apt and my guess was wwwwwaaaaaaayyyyyy off. The tape measure proved me wrong. I had no idea that a human family could exist in such a small space.
This is the living room with stunning views of the bay. And another stunning view of my back side that is on the way to the gym asap! Moving is not good for weight loss. I would love to post pics of the rest of the place but must pick up a little after the Independence Day festivities.

Yay for having the sweetest family and friends to help out during this crazy time!

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Nemesis said...

Heh. My last apartment was 800 square feet. Good thing it's just the two of you! Love your flowers and can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks, yay!