Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Most of my vacations resemble each other - warm climate, great food, lovely scenery and friends and family. This year was no exception and was exceptional in so many ways. Since I am pressed for time I am doing one post only, however forgive me for not being sequential.
Pre-theatre sushi dinner with Stephanie, Jenny and Savannah. Apologies to Jenny for not having a photo of her, but she was there and the play Kiss Me Kate was delightful and entertaining.  
We enjoyed our Saturday outing to Bear Lake so much that we scheduled a repeat trip with Mike and Aubrey, which the kids especially enjoyed. Apologies to Mike and Aubrey for not having a picture of them. But they were there!
Brunch at Crumb Bros, a Logan bakery. My favorite part was their herb tea, which we spent a lot of time scouting around to obtain, lovely landscaping and the trip across the street to the greenhouse and florist.
Brunch at Herm's Inn. I saw this place on Pinterest and thought it was pretty. It's an old auto garage that was recently renovated after 80 years of abandonment. It's a beautiful building.
My new most favorite place to eat and spend time in Logan. Elements is everything a wonderful restaurant should be: classy inside and out with beautiful gardens, a creek, fish, flowers, trees, and wonderful food and service. I must also admit I was surprised at the reasonable prices and the patio dining is even kid friendly! A must do when in Logan!
Pettingils fruit stand is one of many along Hway 89 just south of Brigham City. But it was the first one we saw and after passing them all it seemed like the one I would return to. Lovely fruit and friendly staff - lots of samples. Heaven on earth.
 We had three wonderful pool days together! Lots of trips down the water slides!
 Chef Mike! (I think Ed actually cooked these, but Mike is so cute by the grill!)
 Everything is better on the grill! Even pizza!
 My sweet little pool pal Hudson!
Lunch at Great Harvest Bread before heading to see Brave with Ethan and Savannah
and Mike and Aubrey!
 The fountains at City Creek Center. A great place to hang out, get wet, shop, eat, sun, whatever!
Willow Park Zoo. A sweet little place to spend the afternoon and you can even feed some of the animals.
Our wonderful friends, Mark and Leisa, had the crew for Sunday dinner at their home. What a wonderful meal. So sorry I don't have any photos but Leisa blogged it her site. We have missed you guys and look forward to seeing more of you now that the kids are living "up north"! Also thanks for the amazing quilt books! I can't wait to show them off to my quilt buddies and get started on a fun new project!

I was determined not to love Logan but I kinda did fall into serious LIKE with it. Can't wait to go back!

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