Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Seward Produce Stand

The produce stand was up and running in Seward today and this is how it got here. My cute produce stand photo was out of order. It comes from Washington. As of yet we aren't growing peaches and cherries here on the Kenai peninsula.
 But the goods are good.
 And there was a nice variety.
This is the cute stand. And the owners are nice and if you put your name on a list they will call you to remind you that they will be in town, usually once a month.
 I picked up a little box and filled it with fun stuff. 
Yummy! They will be back next month with some more fall-ish type items like apples and such!
It's the simple things that make life so good!


Jenny said...

That is so cool mom!!

Cooldad said...

Whatr Coolmom failed to mention was she paid $35 for that little box of goodness.