Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Joyeux Noel !

 December was an amazing month this year! I wasn't working, I wasn't in school, but we did a vacation a little too close to the holidays so I still felt a little rushed. We were so lucky to be able to spend the holidays with all of our children. First we celebrated birthdays at Dave and Vallie's for Dave and Grandpa Dickie with the little girls. They are always so sweet and cuddly.

 We were also able to stay over and attend the Kenai ward Christmas party.
 Madeline and Lydia wore their dresses from Hawaii to brighten up the occasion!

 Grandpa reading with Madeline. She loves books and loves to read!
Madeline loving her baby. What a sweet moment. This may go down in history of my most favorite photo of her. Notice her hand was still moving. She is an active one. But I think her soul was still.  :)
And the best part of baking is ....tasting!

 And sprinkling......Mom was so patient to let us loose in her kitchen. 
 Some of the fruits of our labors! They are destined to be bakers all!
 We came back for Christmas Eve, where we dressed in new jammies from Dave and Valli!

 Dave and Valli had such a pretty tree this year with so many pretty ornaments! 
 Christmas dresses!
Rewind 24 hours please.
Christmas Eve morning found us alone to reflect on the holiday and share some sweet time together. 
I had asked for some kitchen things and wasn't disappointed. And I am having fun playing with all the new toys!
Dick's Christmas present was completed early so to prevent running the risk of him finding out about it I gave it to him for his birthday two weeks earlier. I commissioned a friend of ours in Anchorage to paint the Anchorage Alaska temple for him. He did a beautiful job and we were both so pleased. In the last ten years we have spent many hours there and it's become a second home to us. It will be so hard to leave it and so many friends behind. 
 Christmas Cocoa! It's our favorite tradition. We keep the chocolate industry in business.
This was a wonderful year for us, new experiences, new babies, new adventures and new blessings. We hope 2014 will be as exciting. It's already off to a great start!

Happy New Year to All!

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deerhollow said...

Wow! That painting of the temple is a beauty!! Fun to see your holiday memories :)