Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pray for Sunshine!

Dick and I are off for vacation tomorrow with some trepidation. We canceled our trip to Hawaii to visit family in Florida, thinking we would still get plenty of beach time. The weather is threatening otherwise so we need your prayers (yes I am being selfish but you don't live in Alaska!) for some nice weather. We are visiting my Dad on the Gulf coast and Dick's sister in Daytona Beach. Now all of his other siblings and spouses have decided to join us there. We will finish off with a few days in Disney world, just for some R&R at Shades of Green, the military resort there. Mickey Mouse is not on the agenda but we'll see how it goes.

So instead of getting my parts to work to finish my last project before flying off, I am blogging! I guess that officially makes me an addict! Anyway, I think we are just about ready to go, work almost done, substitute for temple and dog sitter lined up, house and laundry clean, every electronic thing we can't live without charged and chargers packed, flash drives deleted, clothes packed, library books returned, birthday packages and conference tickets mailed, (must remind Dick to stop the mail, get cash and print itineraries), drugs sorted, ipod loaded, reading material and own healthy snacks packed, what am I forgetting? Something to be sure. Wish me luck with the weather. And my tan. Will follow up with pictures, for better or worse.

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deerhollow said...

We are praying hard here for you! You will have a blast. Enjoy every minute!!