Monday, February 9, 2009

Remember This?

Look closely. Is that blue sky?
Are we wearing shorts and t-shirts and sandals?
Is that a water park? Do we have tans? Well, some of us.
In exactly 11 days I will be in sunny (I hope) Florida and NOT be cold. I will NOT be in the dark. I will NOT be driving frantically to meetings on icy roads. I will NOT be at work. I will NOT be making boring beds and cooking boring meals. I will NOT be wearing too tight jeans from the winter fat I have stored up. Okay, I'll stop now. But I will miss you all and wish you could be with me. I hope to return home a happier person. With tan lines. Happy Monday!


deerhollow said...

Bon Voyage! That will be quite the journey but I know it will be worth every minute and mile traveled. HAVE A BLAST!!

coolmom said...

DH,as usual, my life is never as exciting as I pretend. We are visiting my Dad near Tampa and Dick's sissy in Daytona Beach and taking some time in Orlando to veg out. We cancelled our trip to Hawaii this year so this was our consolation prize.

Nemesis said...

You're making fun of my pale skin, aren't you. Rude.