Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Nanny Boo!

Next week is my grandmothers birthday but I am going to be crazy busy next week so I am celebrating today. Her name is Lullie Snead Carrico and she was born on Feb. 11, 1900 in Abingdon, Va. This is a photo taken in 1959, I was age small ( I was 2 or 3), with her and my papaw. I know, we have really choice names for our grandparents in my family. Not to be outdone is my mother, who is known as "Banana" to my kids, much by accident, but it's stuck.Growing up, my Granny was my favorite person in the world. She was always on my side and wasn't afraid to stick up for me no matter what. For my tenth birthday, she gave me a beautiful quilt that I loved, and a silver spoon pin. I still have the pin and once in a while I wear it, even though I get asked odd questions about it. She gave me many birthstone rings over the years as well. She made the best blackberry jam ever and wonderful biscuits, macaroni and cheese, chocolate cake, and fried chicken. And she never made me drink milk, which I could not stand. It was always chocolate milk at granny's house. She loved to shop and would always take me to the store for coloring books or paper dolls. I spent time with her during the summers. She passed away in November, 1978 shortly after I married and moved to Germany and I was unable to return for her funeral. She raised 7 children, 5 daughters and two sons, including one who was mentally handicapped. I know her life was very difficult at times and I marvel at her strength. I've done her temple work and I'm glad to know I will see her again, along with the rest of my family. I'm grateful to have some nice pictures of her and for the privilege I had to be able to grow up knowing my grandparents intimately. I don't think life gets any better than that!


deerhollow said...

How sweet was that! Family connections are the best. What an adorable little dolly you are in that photo! I love that you celebrate her birthday. Your chillins better be mightly grateful for the wonderful mamma they have!!

coolmom said... was all fake. I was adopted! No really, thanks for the sweet note. I need to get on over to th'holler (pronounced as one word) and see what's going on! XXOO

Carrie said...

I loved your reminiscencings; it got me doing the the same thing about mine. My grandma made Yorkshire pudding, fish and chips, and trifle (she was from England). Yum! I'd also love to have some of your Nanny Boo's homemade blackberry jam and bisquits--that sounds wonderful!!!

coolmom said...

Carrie, we need to get together. When are you and Mr. Wonderful coming to AK? There's always room at my inn. Middle child is expecting a little one the end of July so that's an automatic trip to Utah for grandma. Any summer travel plans?

Carrie said...

Not sure about AK (unless it means fishing for Salmon in the summer), but I'll see what Mr. W. and I can do about Utah in July; actually I read your newest post, and I wish I could join you in Florida this coming week!
I hop eyou have a great vacation!!