Friday, January 30, 2009

Be Prepared!

One of the still active volcanoes in the Cook Inlet, Mt. Redoubt blew about 20 years ago and made a huge mess with all the ash. Well, it's threatening to blow again. The activity is similar and increasing in force. So, we are checking our our 72 hour kits to make sure we have everything we need in case of an emergency. At the very least we would be stuck at home for a while, and at worst we would probably have to set up shop at the meeting house or something and share our stuff. So I am prepared. But they better now even look in the direction of those Godiva chocolates! Actually, it's an empty box, but I made you look! A sister in a church meeting asked one day if "in an emergency" we just all go to the church and everybody shares their stuff with the people who don't have any. Um. The unanimous answer to that was "No!" That's not really the definition of "being prepared" but I'm sure no one will sit and eat in front of a hungry person. I digress. Don't forget the extras. When I asked Cooldad if that knife was for self defense, he looked at me and laughed. NO, I'm such a silly girl, a person can chop down trees with that knife. And to think I never knew! Don't forget personal hygiene and no kit is complete without the Shrek donkey watch.
First aid kit before I went to Wal-mart.
First aid kit after. I hope you all are prepared and ready for anything.
P. S. I forgot something important. Can you guess what it is? If you guessed cash you are right! Always have as much cash as you can afford in small donominations in a safe place.


CoolBoy said...

That knife is my K-Bar!!! That thing is unstoppable!

And I want it back. You should send it to me...after the volcano.

deerhollow said...

We heard that pup may blow again. Way to be prepared and inspire me to get my junk together!