Monday, January 12, 2009

Resolutions #2-5

New Years resolution #2 . Get back into yoga, which I desperately need after being absent from it while I was on the mend from a very serious "luggage" accident. I picked up my luggage. Bad idea. It happened on June 12 (yes, that is Jenny's birthday!) when I got home from visiting my mom in Louisiana. Dick was in Seward and I picked up my suitcase and carried it upstairs and all the way to the bedroom. The result: tennis elbow. Did you know that most cases of tennis elbow happen to people who don't play tennis? Well, my guess is most doctors know this. So, after six months the pain has finally mostly gone away. Yay! My favorite yoga instructor is back from retirement and we begin in March.

Resolution #3. Clean out the closets, which is done, again. Five more bags are on their way to the curb. One is on it's way to goodwill. No, you don't get pictures of the closets, just take my word they are improved. OH, and a box of nice-ish tablecloths, place mats and napkins, along with a few other things are soon to be on their way to Jenny.

Resolution #4. Dust and reorganize the curio cabinets in the living room. Nasty job. Lots of dust. Done! I figured since I was organizing one to hold all the nativities, then it was an okay Sunday activity. Probably faulty thinking but oh well.

Resolution #5. Put away all Christmas decorations. This was so hard this year. I still just want to keep buying those clearance things! They are so hard to resist. But, I must stop. I'm off to find some more tissue to pack up the last of the ornaments.

Now that all these cleaning and organizing tasks are almost complete, I can focus on more rewarding projects! Good luck with all of yours!


Spitfire said...

So are you going to make any resolutions that you haven't accomplished yet? Thanks again for the "stuff", and nice work on being so productive. The word verification for this comment is suckston. Weird, huh?

coolmom said...

Yeah, should I publish the whole list? I did send it to Nem, if you want proof.

deerhollow said...

I feel like a loser reading about all that you are getting accomplished!
Thanks for being such a great example to all of us!
Happy knitting!!