Thursday, January 1, 2009

Visiting with Kids in Utah

Due to technical difficulties, the photos are out of order. This should be stop #2 on the roadtrip agenda. Thanks for bearing with me while I learn all the pitfalls of blogging.
First stop on what would become the roadtrip of 2008, we met up with Megan and Adam in Logan to have lunch at Hamilton's. Wonderful food. It was a fun afternoon. We spent the rest of the day shopping at Costco and wrapping presents.
(This is where you should see the photo of Stephanie and Cortney.)

That evening we met Stephanie and Cortney at Gateway Mall in Salt Lake for dinner at Flemings. We realized later that the only time Dick has spent any time with Cortney has been in restaurants. First, the man lunch the day before the wedding, followed by the post wedding lunch, and now dinner. Hmm. Maybe we should spent some more time with these two. But they do tend to be a bit allusive.
Finally, Provo to meet up with Megan (she migrated down for a few days) and Mike. Good times. We were supposed to have a dinner with the Provo group but some were under the weather so we ended up sharing P.F. Chang's with Mike. Thankfully, we were seated in the adult section and not the section with all the screaming todders numbering approximately 1-2 per table.
Finally, some down time with Jenny and Ed and gang. Lots of fun here. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful, hospitable family.

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deerhollow said...

So glad we at least got to "see" each other for one second during your busy restaurant schedule! Looks like you had such a wonderful Christmas Holiday together. We love your family. We are slowly putting things back together and getting use to our very quiet house after eveyone has returned to their busy lives.