Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Robin's Eggs!

Our friend Robin, who lives and works in Seward with Dick, sent me half a dozen eggs from her chickens today. What a lovely gift! They are the prettiest eggs I have ever seen and I almost hate to eat them. But they are going to be my breakfast and I am so excited! You just can't get any fresher than from the nest. Robin is so cool!
While I was in my office cooing over the eggs, another friend brought us loaves of homemade bread. Lynne teaches an Institute class in the building where I work (I was working late to attend a meeting) and was practicing to take over as the new Friday lunch "bread lady". I think the bread gets an "A". I have such wonderful friends. Life is full of the best surprises.


Spitfire said...

Yeah, you do have the best friends. Since them and their chickens my way!

Spitfire said...

But at least I have the Firth's in my neighborhood. Ha!

coolmom said...

You should do a post about the Firths honey. If I had a jar that wasn't molested, I would.

Spitfire said...

(I meant to say "send" in the first post instead of "since")

deerhollow said...

Spitfire...you are so cute! Come see us!!
Those are awesome photos! Thanks for sharing the recipe. Don't you just love to cook? I do.
AND I took my history final and I am happy about that!!