Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fishing on the Russian River

I made my first trip to the Russian River after hearing about it for years. It is a destination spot for several kinds of fish. Today it was Red Salmon. This picture isn't very great, but someone was more successful than me at catching them. But his was already dead, which made it a lot easier. I went down with friends Bob and Rita and we had a great time. I got my first fly fishing lesson, which was also good because I was wanting to learn. Turns out I still need to know a little more. Mr. Bear was a major presence on the river. Again, issues with getting the picture turned the right way. Move your head counterclockwise.
The lovely Rita.
Mr. Bear wanting the fish, so us moving away, but not before a quick picture. He was about 30 feet away maybe.
More competition.
The count: Bob, nine, Rita, one, me, none, bears, whatever they want. But it's okay. It was my first time fly fishing for fish who don't bite at anything. Overall, it was a great Alaska adventure.

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Valli said...

Ooh! What fun. Very adventurous with all those man eaters about.