Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th Weekend in Seward

The most amazing thing about the July 4th weekend is the Mt. Marathon race. As most of you know, the race is held every year and the event is divided up between men, women, youth and children. The men's race is last, all the shirtless wonders are shown here heading toward the mountain. It was a very warm day in Seward and the temperatures took a toll on the racers. Lots of dehydrated runners.More runners, I think these are men.
You may remember the Mullaly's. Here are Kiley, Megan, and Foley, ages, 6,8, & 6.
The other great thing about the weekend was fishing for silvers in Pony Cove. We were very lucky to all get our limits and we were able to bring home the extras making our total catch 22 fish. Sixty six pounds in all after filleting and packing. Lots of yummy meals ahead.
Fresh from the bay.
Cooldad doing the honors.
It was a beautiful day in the bay.
Other highlights:
breakfast at the Breeze (blueberry pancakes)
biking by the bay (saw a mama humpback and her baby=very exciting)
lunch at the Smoke Shack, a new good place to eat
strolling downtown and buying new sunglasses
the food
attending church at the Seward branch, mostly with other Eagle River people
seeing old friends
ice cream cones
the dock
watching Bob (Megan knows who we mean) bawl out two of his employees
getting lots of sleep
reading The Book Thief in the car
3 1/5 hours of traffic on the way home

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