Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Perfect Anchorage Day

Ethan and Grandma on the trail.
This little spot is named Hannah's Cove. Not sure why. There are beautiful flowers planted here now.

Overlooking Cook Inlet.

Fourth Avenue.

Today was a very good day. These photos were taken two summers ago with visiting family. But we did it today on our own. Warm temperatures and lots of sun. Dick and I ran a few errands and then went on a beautiful walk on the Tony Knowles coastal trail. We walked along to Westchester Lagoon and up to the end of the park and back through the Inlet View area of Anchorage. I found a house that I promised Dickie I would live in forever if he bought it for me. A beautiful view of the lagoon and park. I am sure it's as lovely in the winter with everything frozen and white as it is in the summer with everything warm and green. It was beautiful to walk through such an old, lovely little neighborhood. Nearer to downtown, many of the little homes were converted into law offices and small business. Lunch was chicken and brats from M. A.'s downtown stand eaten on the steps of the Federal building. He has the best music of all the stands blasting from his ipod. A perfect day.

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Jenny said...

I love those photos!