Monday, March 15, 2010

Ahhh... The Beaches

Mom at the beach. Not sure which one. Glass Beach. The description is at the bottom of the blog because blogger is dumb.
The best part of going to an island is obviously the beaches. There are so many beautiful and varied beaches that we love for many reasons. This is a photo of Poipu beach during the alleged tsunami. We joked that the before and afters look pretty much the same. And we are grateful for it, but we were awakened at 6 am by the tsunami alarm system, which is very effective, we had to tune to see if we were in an evacuation area (we were) and then pack up really fast in case we had to evacuate (which we didn't). But it was great emergency training. We made a quick trip to Koloa Town to pick up some quick food as our supplies had dwindled. And we did run the road block on the way back from Koloa Town to avoid being stuck away from our condo. We were mostly sad for all the people in Chile who were so affected by the earthquake. Sunrise at Bellows Beach on the east side of Oahu.

Bellows Beach, one of the prettiest. This is the view outside the ant and centipede abiding beach house. The kids should recognize this.

Another view of Bellows Beach. It was so windy there we couldn't even sit out.
A new find. Shipwreck Beach at Poipu. It's not a swimming beach unless you are a surfer, but it's lovely. The only downside is that the locals do come there to surf which makes it less family friendly. Unless you want your child to learn some new vocabulary. I digress. There is a trail head here as well that leads around the shore and up to the overlook but we never made it up there. Next time.

This is Tunnels Beach on the north shore from the air. It's a great snorkeling beach during the summer when it's calm. It was not calm at the time. The whole north shore was mostly closed due to high waves and stronger than normal currents.
I can't remember this one - maybe Glass Beach? But how lovely it is.
Another new find. Salt Pond Beach in Hanapepe. Absolutely beautiful in every way. Nice swimming, nice snorkeling and the views are lovely. The photo doesn't do it justice.
My brother David and I at Poipu, according to Dick. I really can't tell this time. It was at sunset, I think, his first evening on the island.
Glass Beach. Totally made of glass. Truly amazing. The story goes that nearby was the dumping area and over the years all the glass was more or less crushed and smoothed by the sea and deposited on this shore. All the sand was actually glass. It's lots of sizes and colors. I brought a bag full home for my collection. It only caused a mild stir with the TSA. There was also a monk seal napping on the shore.
We miss the beach!


Valli said...

They are all beautiful. Glad you got some of that glass. It looks really coll.

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coolmom said...

I can give you some.

deerhollow said...

I love hawaii.
Fun to see your brother. I have never met him.