Friday, March 12, 2010

Poipu, Kauai

Steph and Dick just after the helicopter ride. It was a lot of fun! The monk seal that swam ashore for a long nap..I think she was there for a couple of days. Steph took this photo of us right after dinner at the The Beach House. It's a lovely restaurant overlooking the ocean, great food, and the company wasn't bad!
Me and Steph at the mall in Lihue. It's not such a great mall, but it has lovely outdoor plants.
Dick took this one of me in the helicopter. Steph and I were all that because we got to sit in the front seat. Woohoo!
I'm out of time - more photos later. Aloha!

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deerhollow said...

How awesome to see plants and green growing things! So...explain the yellow bags, are they incase you get sick? :)