Friday, December 11, 2009

It was a "Relief Society" Meeting

This little cutey was our gift from the Relief Society meeting last night. It's a sweet little wooden refrigerator magnet made from painted wood and vinyl letters. It's about the size of your hand.

Our quarterly Relief Society meeting where everyone gets together and has a large scale noisy event was hosted by none other than myself last night in none other than my self's home. My daughter the English language specialist can let me know how many grammatical errors I just made. But anyway, for some reason the person hosting had to cancel and I was the back up. It was great, gave me an excuse (panic attack style) to finally finish cleaning and decorating for the holidays. Actually, I have some garland upstairs that is in the floor waiting to be replaced but I don't think anyone could see it from downstairs. The lights died shortly after assembly. We had a dinner, lots of loud talking, desserts that sent our fat and sugar levels through the roof (and my house is a double decker) and the putting together of gift baskets for "Sisters who need some extra love". I felt really blessed to have all these sisters in my home for the following reasons:

1. They were very complimentary on the house, which causes me to feel so blessed that I have a nice clean warm and safe home.
2. They loved the family photos on my family room walls, and especially the ones of the McCulloch's kissing in the field while the kids played/munched on apples.
3. I got a chance to see a lot of the younger sisters who are serving in primary or work whom I rarely see.
4. People know that I am not really less active.
5. I met a super nice girl who came with a friend and she makes beautiful jewelry so I am headed over this morning to check out her goods!
6. I am mostly lucky to not be on the list of "Sisters who need some extra love", although one day I might be.

I feel so loved by my wonderful husband, my family and my friends, and of course, my Heavenly Father.

Have a wonderful Friday.

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