Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving with the Harrells!

Okay, so my pictures are a little backward, I am getting used to blogging again! It has taken a back seat to Facebook, but here goes.

For Thanksgiving we flew out to Tennessee to see Dave and Valli and (especially!!!) baby Madeline. I can't resist this picture of her at her baby blessing in Dave and Valli's ward. She was so precious. And so sweet and quiet and everything. And Valli dressed her in the prettiest little dress (minus the sequins!). As Valli said, "It's a blessing, not a prom!" Agree.The grandparents can't resist getting their mug shots with the baby.
And the proud parents. And the beautiful Madeline.
Hiking along the creek that runs behind Dave's house. It's a lovely area that was previously used for milling. The old buildings are still there and the land on the other side has very large old houses on the property.
Dave's goose is cooked! And it was delicious. We had mashed potatoes, gravy, cooked apples and pears, carrots, rolls, leftover pink stuff, and some wonderful pies. Go Chef Dave.
The bird!
Thanksgiving dinner was shared with friends of Dave and Valli and here is Chef James deep frying the bird. It was my first fried turkey and it was good. It also cooks faster than baking. I would definately put it back on the menu anytime. It was a wonderful weekend.

Megan and Valli during out lunch at Logan's, David's favorite steakhouse. We couldn't quite talk grandpa into shushi.
We hope your holidays were just as fun and memorable as ours were. It's all about family and friends! And winning the games!

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