Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Food.

Vacations are all about food. Who can resist Costco hot dogs? The ultimate lunch selection. Or a slice of greasy pizza.
Ethan's chocolate mouse from Gormandise.
Cupcakes are but one of the many temptations at The Chocolate. And we ate many of them!

Meg's panini.

Aubrey's crepes.


Cakes at The Chocolate.
Jen's Cobb Salad.

Meg's french toast.

We ate so much in Utah.
We started with Gormandise, a post airport tradition, worked our way through
Cafe Trio (wow!),
Cafe Rio, (good and cheap!)
Flour Girls & Dough Boys (really cute and yummy!),
Communal, (will return - best salmon ever!)
Pizzeria 712, (good desserts)
The Chocolate (twice),
Burger Supreme, ( the kids love it)
the restaurant in the Little America hotel,
Arby's at midnight (long story, but a good one),
Orange Julius,
McDonald's drive thru,
Cafe Sebore (very nice!),
a great Thai place in A.F.
Creamery on 9th ( must have mint brownies),
and a few I've probably left out.
But our best meals were the ones we made together: french toast with every topping imaginable, wonderful sweet and savory crepes, grilled delights by men who have mad skills, lots of ice cream, mountains of corn on the cob, paninis, salads, and so on. I lucky I am to have five children who love to cook.


Valli said...

These posts should come with a warning; "Salivation likely upon reading."
It all looks great!

Spitfire said...

Valli we missed you tons!

deerhollow said...

Alright folks...Cafe Sabor is very close to MY house and we didn't get to see you?!!

Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Thanks for the foodie list!