Saturday, July 31, 2010

Here's to you Grandma!

Both of my grandmothers made awesome jam. My maternal grandmother, simply know as "Granny" to all of us grand kids, made the best blackberry ever picked from locally available berries grown in the wild. She also made some kind of relish called "chow chow" that we ate on pinto beans but I haven't figured out yet exactly what that was. But I digress. As usual. Last summer in her honor I finally made my first batch of blackberry jam. And it was great! This summer Mike and I made a batch and his apartment and it was equally spectacular. And Mike did all the work. Too bad I don't have a photo, you would be so impressed with his "jam skills"!
My paternal grandmother, "Grandma Myers", made wonderful plum jam from the plum tree in her yard that we climbed much against her wishes. Last night I made plum jam for the first time. Next time I will take the time to get rid of the peel, but it still turned out very nice, and not too sweet. There is the boiling fruit. Getting ready to pull out of the hot water bath.
On the counter to set. Very nice. Jam is one of the easiest and most rewarding of all canning processes.
Bring on the biscuits ya'll!


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I think we are going to do stawberry and peach next.

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