Monday, July 5, 2010

New Countertops

After years of not liking our choice in counter tops, we finally replaced them with granite. Guaranteed to increase the value of our home. Or so they say. We like them so much more than the old ones. Who says Dick never gets cookies? Here's the proof! A close up.
This is all the remodel I can take for one year. It was supposed to be finished before jenny & co arrived, but in true construction form they were several weeks late. They neglected to tell us that the kids couldn't inhale the fumes so the five of us spent the day outside, partly in the rain and wind, trying not to become brain damaged. We couldn't leave because occasionally they would need to ask me something. So we made a lot of baking soda volcanoes and proceeded it kill more of Grandpa's grass that he's worked so hard to replace due to dog issues. Hudson ate newly fertilized dirt and we were on the phone with poison control several times. Somehow when the fridge was moved it caused the ice maker to leak leaving puddles on the floor for several days - or no ice. There were issues getting the dishwasher to adhere to the new counter tops, and the hole in the granite for the air vent was too large. I had to wash dishes for us all for over a week. Now that all is well we are very happy!
Coming next year: new kitchen floor. I'm sure it will be an adventure!

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