Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What We Ate at The Salmon Bake!

After dinner in Healy at the Salmon Bake, we noticed this sign on the outside of the restaurant. Amazingly this is exactly what we ordered! Ladessa ordered the Surf and Turf.
Meg went for the halibut tacos. I had them two years ago and they are very good!
Close up of the tacos!
For an appetizer, we ordered the nachos, not knowing they would feed an army!
I just ordered a small salad because I intended to do some grazing off the other plates. Dick ordered the burger which was awesome but I can't find the picture. I will locate it eventually. We recommend this place highly.


CoolBoy said...

Hold on, is this the one in Seward? Where's Healy again?

Anonymous said...

Healy is just outside Denali Park. this is not the one in Seward.

coolmom said...

Correction: Healy is 10 miles north of the park and we didn't go there. The places we went to were just north of the park entrance.