Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hiking in Denali - Happy Independance Weekend

While most of the people we know were in crazy Seward for the 4th, we opted for something a little more serene. And I am so glad we did. The weather was a little cool and wet, but we had a great time in Denali National Park. We hiked, slept, ate, talked and played and listened to great music. And some people got caught up on some Lark Rise to Candleford on the portable DVD player.

Savage Creek hike is one of my favorites. The wildlife is so lively and varied. One cute little marmot baby, his whole family was playing nearby. These lovely little shrubs grow wild all over Denali - we buy them for our flower beds in Eagle River. Savage Creek
One of the many little ground squirrels we saw.

Ethan , this train photo is for you!
A moose in Horseshoe Lake, another of our favorite hikes. Also saw amazing beaver dams.
The parents at Horseshoe Lake.

At the lake.
A snowshoe hare on the road to Savage Creek. They are only white in the winter. We also saw many large Ptarmigan, the state bird of Alaska, which also turn white in the winter. What a different place the park becomes with the onset of snow. So they say. I will take their word for it.
Horseshoe Lake
We were lucky to get most of our hiking done before the rain began - we did get a little wet the last 20 mins or so. We love Denali!

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Love our twin blogs! I have been such a slacker lately. I have so muh to catch up on....
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